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[FONT=Century Gothic]Hey Heath!
I just wanted to let you know that what you mentioned in your thread actually reassured ME that what you are experiencing is EXACTLY what i'm experiencing...the adrenalin rush in my head and neck!! I have been trying to describe that to my doctor, my husband, my family and everyone thinks i'm crazy, literally!
The feeling i have been getting usually starts even when i dont have ANY anxiety it just happens when i'm sitting or standing doesnt matter it strikes whenever, it starts on the sides of my throat and pulses and rushes up like on the back side of my ears and then swells in my ears (in the flat part of the ear inside) then it rushes up to my temples and occasionally i'll even feel my eyes rush and it makes my eyes tear up when its a big enough adrenalin rush. It only lasts a few seconds but i can get like several of them in a row. it's very frustrating and annoying.
I went to the doctor today about these rushes because i thought it might be an underlying thing with my hypertension (my bp is normal/low now, i got hbp when i was pregnant with my son 2 years ago) but Doc said everything came out fine from what he could see. (he did take blood to check my thyroid and 2 other types of hormones to make sure i'm balanced) He asked me several questions and came to a conclusion that i'm getting these head rushes because of anxiety and stress. He wants to put me on 10mg of Paxil for a week and then 20mg after that week and stay on it for 6 months :rolleyes: I do care what the doctor says but I have to be a STRONG person...I dont need a nasty controversial drug, zombifying me. I've been plagued with this adrenalin rush head feeling for a year now, I'm determined to take care of it drug free. I'm not in THAT bad of shape to need drugs ment for depression when I'M NOT DEPRESSED. The mind is stronger then we make it out to be ;)
Anyway sorry to ramble on your thread, I just wanted to verify that I KNOW what your going thru with the ADRENALIN RUSH feelings, and YOURE NOT ALONE!
Good luck to you in getting better! Just be strong! I'm 26 years old with a 2 year old, everyone has SOME anxiety, its all in how we deal with it, we need to find things to keep our minds busy so we dont get so bogged down and get these dang weird head things huh! hehe!
Cheers to you! :wave: [/FONT]