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She started on Paxil 20mg's for 6 weeks. There was a little improvement then it seemed that she crashed harder. She just started Effexor 70mg's. Has'nt evan been a week yet. She has also just started seeing a psyc.

So when you came out of your severe depression, did you want you BF back?
Hey Imissher,
I'm currently in a relationship, and we've been together almost six years now. I've been depressed for as long as I can remember, but it wasn't until January that I began to seek help. I haven't broken up with my boyfriend, eventhough I too have suggested we'd just be better apart. I know that because of my depression I often feel worthless and guilty and become angry with my boyfriend because I sometimes want him to be the one to leave me. I often feel like he treats me too good and he doesn't deserve the burden that I am. I'm sure I'm not the only depressed person with these crazy thoughts, but I can only speak for myself. What really hit me in your post was when you said, "One day wants to spend the day with me, cuddle and all of that to a complete turn around the next day or two." This is exactly how I am. One minute my boyfriend and I are in an argument, the next I'm screaming at the top of my lungs that I'm so in love and I can't keep my hands off of him. It never occurred to me that this type of behavior is not normal. I actually just visited my doctor today to tell her to take me off the 30mlg of Paxil because I haven't stopped sleeping all week (my main trigger that I'm feeling depressed). She suggested that I may be bipolar, which basically means that your highs are higher than normal, but at any time it can transform into a full-blown episode of depression. So now I need to start weeing off the Paxil at the same time I'm beginning to take Lamictal, a mood stabilizer ... we'll see how it goes. Maybe your girlfriend is also bipolar. I hope I was able to help. Good luck to you.