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I'm glad i found this post. I've been searching for people who have posted their initial reactions to Effexor XR, because I just began taking it.

This is day #4 for me on Effexor XR. I used to take Paxil for my depression and social anxiety, which just made me numb. Effexor has the complete opposite effect. I feel like a huge cloud has been lifted.

As far as side effects, I feel like I have a caffeine high, but without the jitters. Its strange. I can't really sit still. And I yawn constantly, but I'm not tired at all. There was a little nausea at first, but that has subsided. I also haven't been sleeping, and when I do, its very lightly. Additionally, my appetite is completely gone.

Its a relief to read that these effects eventually go away for many people. I hope that will be the case here, because I am already able to see things and concentrate with so much more clarity.
Hi americandancer.

I've started with 37.5 mg, and in three more days I am supposed to transition to 75 mg. I'm wondering how this will feel, because I don't want to be bouncing off the walls.

This is completely opposite from the Paxil, which made me a zombie.

Bye, for now!
I was on 180 mgs for eleven months, havr depression/anxiety due to
MVAccident>haven't been able to produce beta-blockers, nuerotranmitters
that effect serutonin, dopamine and other chemicals that effect mood. Tried all kinds of SSRI's(Seratonine.Sephrarine Reuptake Inhibitors: Zoloft,
Prozac, Paxil and Elavil. Was on elavil for five years, great sleep inducer,
All of a sudden my shrink ( a profession analogous to vodoo, Whereras, vodoo is 'black' magic; psychiatry [ along with speaking in 'tongues'] is 'white' magic.{REMOVED} shrinks are just {REMOVED}of the mega-pharmaceotical industry. Enoug of my poltical spin.) gets this bug up his {REMOVED}to put me on this. and don;t tell you withdrawl is horrible!
Effexor Xr is a great anti-depressan, only, like herion stopping is a frealin'two months of the worst mental torture immaginable, and for God's sake 'taper' off under doctors supervision {REMOVED}
God Bless,
Forget sex or maybe you can penetrate without an erection, and 'brian zaps'
are a barrel of monkeys, along with 'night sweats' and migrains.
And, like I said NEVER. never run out!


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I have been on anti depressents for years now. First paxil which worked wonders for me. It took my anxiety away completely and i was no longer depressed. Then it stopped working after several months so i quit taking it. (dont do that because let me tell you it made me so much worse quiting it cold turkey)
I then was on Lexapro which left me so tired i couldnt stay up past 9.00. And having a job in retail i just couldnt handle it. I then was switched to cymbalta which made me so sick i couldnt hardly do anything! I am now on effexor xr 75mg. I started out on 37.5 for a week then went to 75mg. It is probably my second or third week. So far the only side effects I've had is my sleep wasnt as good at first like tossing and turning all night and unable to fall asleep. Other than that I havent had side effects which is wonderful. As far as how its working, It could still be to early to tell, but so far I have not really noticed a lot of difference. I still am depressed and extremely emotional, and my anxiety is still there just not as bad. It could be i need a higher dose but it could be also that it just hasnt run itself completely through my system. I pray this works becaus[FONT=Arial Narrow][FONT=Arial Narrow]xxx[/FONT][/FONT]e if not, I'll start to lose hope because i really need something to help me. I suppose this is where the faith comes in..I hope for you that it works and makes you feel great again. I hope that for all of us here... Good Luck to you[FONT=Verdana][FONT=Verdana]xxx[/FONT][/FONT]

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