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Sorry to be sensitive, but I know SOME people can answer these questions. Anyway, I've been suffering from anxiety since I got off my Depakote, which I was taking for migraines. Since it wasn't working for the migraines, I won't be going back on it. But I want to look into anxiety meds. The main physical symptoms I want to treat are the hyperventilation (shortness of breath), and increased heart rate. As long as I can breathe normally again. Can anybody tell me what medications are best for this?? What does not have a problem with withdrawal affects? I know Paxil is hugely problematic. Also, does anyone know any NATURAL remedies for anxiety that can take care of this????

I was once taking prozac which worked and there was no withdrawl symptoms getting off those.I think it can be a different experiance for different people though,so ya never know.I do know paxil is real bad for withdrawl symptoms,I thought i was gonna die getting off those.
As far as natural remedies I dont know of anyone who has been able to take naturtal supplements and nothing else,but you could always give it a try.
I would say any herb that has the calming effect would be the ones to try.
There are loads of sites to let ya know what herbs may help