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[FONT=Times New Roman]I used to work, I drove a truck for 20 years then ended up needing back surgery not from an accident but what is for me an occupational hazzard. After back surgery and theripy I went back to work but started having problems with anxiety and then major depression started out on st. Johns wort, buspar, switched to paxil, then zoloft then wellbutrin then prozac, lithium, cymbalta,lexapro, xanax, back to paxil and now have quit all for four weeks now, I had some dizzy side effects from quitting paxil but tapered off by taking one when I felt strong effects.[

What I have ended up with is what I started with still major depression, I don't feel any better taking meds than not, I have treatment resistant depression which is why I am so interested in VNS.

I feel now that I could possibly benifit from going back to work driving although I gave it up because with having depression you know what going to work and then staying there can be like, but staying home seems worse now than when I was working. If a person had a hobbie or enjoyed hunting and fishing they could maybe make a go of being on disability HOWEVER when one has major depression they can not enjoy any leisure activities

I used to think that if I could only escape the stress of the road and get a check going I would get better but this did'nt work, I talked to people on the draw before I quit work and told them "man you've got it made" they said I'd rather be working, and I thought "Yea I bet you would" knowing how I hated dragging myself through each day

I think by getting back out and working again may help I don't really know, but I do know laying in bed and sleeping the day away is killing me from the inside out, anyhow can anyone relate to this or have any of you gone through this successful or not? "I want out of my cage"........./FONT]