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:eek: I still havent taken my wellbutrin SR . I am frightended to death.. you cant drink or take any anit-histimines(over the counter stuff), You will probally have a seizure!!! I was on paxil and i gained weight and i have the sexual side effects but it worked for me .. what to do !! !
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I take Wellbutrin XR and it has helped with my depression. I had taken it before in a combination of Paxil and Wellbutrin. It worked better for me than just the Wellbutrin or the Paxil. Everyone is different and I for one am more sensitive to medications. If I have the really bad side effects they usually effect me more than the majority of people.

Have you had seizures before? The information that I have read says if you have had a history of seizures, then you are at more of a risk for having seizures. Have you talked with your doctor about how afraid you are to take the Wellbutrin? In some places Paxil has caused so much controversy that only Psychiatrists are able to prescribe it. So there are side effects with all medications. I take antihistimines with Wellbutrin. They even prescribed them to me in the hospital when they first started me on the Wellbutrin.

If you don't feel comfortable taking the Wellbutrin talk to your doctor. It is your decision.

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Sam :angel:
I am on 300mg Wellbutrin XR and this has been the best antidepressant that I have tried. I have been thru atleast a dozen different kinds. I was on Paxil twice. The first time I gained 20 lbs within just a few months but thought it was because I took it in combination with other antidepressants. A few months after I stopped taking the Paxil I lost the weight. However, when I tried it again by itself a year later I gained 20 lbs again. I am only 5ft and typically weigh 107lbs so needless to say my body frame was not meant to hold that much weight and I now have stretch marks from top of my body to the bottom. But that's just me. Anyways, back to the Wellbutrin. Every antidepressant that I've ever been on took a few weeks for my body to adjust(side-effects). I actually think it helps me sleep better. With the depression and other antidepressants that I've had I slept all the time. But now I actually wake up well rested after 8 hours rather than always tired. I will say that I do have allergies and take Zyrtec and it doesn't interact with the wellbutrin. However, I can't take most over the counter antihistamines because with the Wellbutrin I get the jitters. Do talk to your pharmacist though, because there are a select few OTC antihistamines that works fine with the Wellbutrin. Usually Wellbutrin will only cause seizures if you either have/had an eating disorder or are already suseptable to seizures. Sorry ,bout the book but hopefully this will help you feel better about your concerns on Wellbutrin XR. Hope all goes well for you.