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I tried Lex and it didn't work out. I haven't tried much since. I'm going to give Amoryn (natural remedy) a shot, though, I think.

And..... That song is a remake (grrrrr), originally done by "Talk Talk." I love the song, and I hate that so many good 80's songs are being redone by squeaky chicks (no offense to fans--just a personal observation)... And then, of course, modern society gives these gals a big pat on the back for their "originality," and credits them for songs that belonged to another generation. Bah. Sorry for the little rant. Just a small peeve. :)

Hope you find something that works for you. If I do purchase the Amoryn and start using it, I'll let you know how it works out. I'm guessing your doctor might put you on Paxil next, as it's similar to the Lex. Or, you may want to ask about upping the dose, since it worked so well, initially.

Best of luck,

:) EoR
Thanks EoR - Please do let me know about the Amoryn, I'm up for anything at this point. My doctors here are leary about going over 20 mgs of Lexapro, I got the impression 20 was the max dose???

As to Paxil - That's what I started with initially and the same thing happened. Worked great for six to seven weeks then suddenly petered out....Maybe I'm one of those types of people who medication doesn't help?? Ugh. I hope not!