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Hello, my name is John, im 18, and i have some questions reguarding an overdose i did a year or 2 ago i didnt seek medical attention. This is what i took about 10 Paxil 40mg ( i think it was), 20 Respiradol .25mg, and about 35-40 Clonidine 0.1mg.... i was stupid at the time, i was very sick, my paxil was giving me blackouts and i couldnt stop cause i was under 18, my family kept me on it. So i got mad one night at took all those pills, and layed down, i fell asleep rather quick, all i can remember about the sleep was just flashing blackness, and white light. i awoke up in the morning opened my eyes and everything was black i started to scream then i shut them, then opened and a faint picture of the room apeared and each time i turned my head it felt like i was moving at 100+ mph, and i seen severe tracers plus i got sick to my stomach, had trouble walking, severe weakness, and when i first awoke i had alot of trouble breathing (it felt like i just couldnt get enough oxygen). Unfortunatly i had to be at work in an hour so i crawled litterally to the bathroom and took a shower, hardest shower i had ever taken, then i got dressed another hard thing to do. I got in my car which was stupid made it to work luckily, when i got inside everything was in slow motion it seemed like, my vision got a little better, but each time i turned my head to quickly i would see like a tear in the room, the tear was some kind of green light that appeared in the middle of my vision. It was strange i almost collapsed several times, my boss seen me and asked if i was alright i told her my doc had me on a new medicine and i am having difficulty working so she let me leave (thank god), i went home laid on the couch and cryed thinking damn what if this is permanent, well i fell asleep for 2 whole days, i awoke a little hung-over and groggy, the groggyness and slowness didnt go away for like a week to 3 weeks (it just tappered off gradually). Well, when it did ever since then, i have had heart pains or severe pains in the chest, and my upper and lower right sides hurt alot actually more like one of those annoying pains, and i have strong fatigue at times, and sleep for long hours. I havent told anyone. I am off all the meds since im 18, and i feel great other than those symptoms, i was wondering if those pills could have caused any real permanent damage to anything i havent been able to find anything online, thats why im here. In all theory i believe i should have died that night, but i tell you i bet i was real close cause wow the side effects were amazing in a bad way. why do doctors perscribe this crap, i feel better off my meds, than when i was on them. well thank you for your help, it is much appreciated. :) Note: to anyone trying to quit paxil withdrawals are severe and may last up to a month at least they did for me, but once i got them out of my system i was a tons better, my doc might as well just perscribed crack hehe