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I've had the following symptoms since 1999 24/7 and need some guidance on what to do next if anything...

1. Spacey/disconnected feeling, as if i'm in a dream 24/7
2. Brain fog--memory problems, concentration, confusion, etc.
3. Always tired
4. Hair loss (I dont know if this has to do with anything, but it started at the same time as the other symptoms). I used to have extremely thick hair, but not anymore.
5. Flourescent lighting and going to stores bother me terribly., Driving does as well.

So far i've had numerous blood tests done including, CBC, metabolic panel, stds, lyme disease, full thyroid panel including antibodies, ana, sedimentation rate, EBV, thats all I can think of right now. Everything came back fine except it showed I had EBV at one time.

I've also had MRI of brain and c-spine with contrast--came back fine.
CT of sinuses---I had a sinus infection and surgery -now my sinuses are fine.

Had an ENG which showed a slight weakness in my right inner ear, but neurotologist said that would not be causing my symptoms for this long.

Had a spinal tap that came back fine.
EKG came back fine.

My neurologist has tried me on paxil and effexor, which neither helped. The next one he wants me to try is Verapamil, which im a little skeptical of but we'll see.

Any suggestions on any other areas I should cover? Or do you think I am stuck feeling like this forever?

Thanks for any help you can give!

P.S. This all started when I was 19, I am now 26.