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I really don't know anything about scientology - just that Tom Cruise made an a** out of himself on the Today show over it.
He looked and sounded crazy. But maybe that was just him??
Anyway.... alot of my beliefs as far as health goes falls into some of the above catagories such as thinking positive and that negative thoughts and holding negativity in can cause ill effects on the body such as headaches, depression etc.
I see a holistic dr. He's a chiroptracter/kinesiologist who follows Dr. Brimhall's techniques. And some of the stuff seems real "out there" also but it works.
I have gone thru a 60-day wellness program and I feel pretty darn good now. And before, I was a MESS! Gall bladder problems, stomach ailments etc.
I know he has had patients come into see him who were on drugs like paxil and he was able to wean them off and get them balanced with certain herbal remedies along with asert treatments and other things.
I used to get BAD anxiety attacks and now those are under control. A few weeks ago I started to feel the anxiety creep back in so I went into his office. He tested me thru kinesiology and had me listen to a tape (the sound was a running stream with birds in the background). It took about 2 minutes and he retested me and I was strong once again. He said, "that's great, it only took a couple of minutes for your body to process it."
I couldn't even explain tho whole deal but when I drove home I noticed how much calmer I was and so far no more anxiety problems.
Negativity doesn't even have to come from you in particular, it could be coming from someone else and in turn, affect you. Like I said - out there.
My Dr. doesn't like over the counter drugs (for colds etc.) because they inhibit the body from releasing the virus.
He says that Dr.'s have their niche but you have to be careful. He has MD's that are patients of his.
Soooo, healthy living, good nutrition, positive thinking and living (easier said than done), stay away from man made products (whether it be food or drugs), your health should be in good shape.
My holistic Dr. has said that people who go into the Dr.'s office feel cheated if they don't leave with some sort of pill. But the sad part is... most of those pills just mask the problem - they don't fix it.
Did I get off subject here? LOL.