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[FONT="Century Gothic"][/FONT]Hello just wondering if anyone knows if paxil can mix up your liver counts..been on it for 10 years now and now my liver count is up. had a sonogram and found nothing. please help
hello...I just recently got on paxil for the second time for axiety. been on it so far for 2 weeks. What have you been on it for? How do you like it? I am trying to get a feel for what others think of it. I also have high liver enzymes as well as a high bilirubin count and this question pertains to me as well. I am going to a GI doctor next month so hopefuly he will be able to give me an answer
[FONT="Impact"][/FONT]Hello, i been on it for anxiety and panic attacks, and have not had a panic attack for a long time. I mean i still have my ups and downs these days, but i like paxil.

I just wanna know if the paxil is doing something to my liver counts???:confused:
does anyone out there know if paxil can do anything to a liver?