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After trying everything [prozac, paxil , St Johns Wort etc, etc.] I decided to give St Johns Wort another try. I have sufferd from depression most of my adult life. It was hell on earth. I have been in the hospital because of this terrible thing called depression. I decided that I was going to take SJW [ get a good brand] and stick with it for 3 months. At first I saw no improvement. But slowly it kicked in. Thank God! I take a timed released product. IT HAS WORKED for me for the last 3 years. Every morning it is the first thing I take. I will take it till the day I die, cause I know what life was like before. Everything we take is "Risk to Benefit" I know what my benefit is. A Sound Mind! After 20 years of doom and Gloom I can now see beauty and be at peace. I have good days and sad days, but No serious depression. I hope that this helps someone. You got to stick to it to see an improvement.Good Luck!