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YES THE CULPRITS WE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT, ANTIDEPRESSANTS AND THERE WONDERFUL WEIGHT GAIN. I TAKE EFFEXOR XR RIGHT NOW AND I WILL TELL YOU BOTH A LITTLE STORY. [SIZE="2"]I was on paxil a few years ago do to severe anxitety that came out of nowhere. Gained 40 pounds in a few months, went back to doctor, complained about weight, did someresearch on computer and had him put me on effexor. Well six months of that and he kept upping my fose because he thought more energy and it will help me with weight loss, wrong! I went back to him and have been maintaining on the lowest dose, also known as starting dose of 37.5 I think and lost 24 pounds since may of this year. Still have 40 to go but getting there. No excercise yet. back problems and another story! All I did was portion control. I have been on the lowest dose now for about 9 months and doing fine. I hear prozac and wellbutrin are the ones for depression that take appetite away. A doctor told me prozac. But I am doing well and hope this post helps, Tammy