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Hi there-
First of all, I apologize for my post, as I know there are probably several like mine. ;) Second, I am desperate for answers. Truly, honestly desperate.
I am a 25 year old female, who has been having ongoing symptoms for the past four years. This past year, however, is a different entity entirely...I am at the point where I really doubt I'll be alive if this keeps up- I know that sounds rash, but I am at my wits end...

I hope none of you think I am nuts when I list my symptoms. I realize that they are diverse, and ***arre...I know a lot of people say it, and while I will admit to anxiety issues, there is no way this can all be "in my head."

My symptoms:

* Dizziness- Even if I turn my head, everything spins. I always feel light-headed, and sometimes almost disoriented. (CT scan in fall, seemed fine. Went to Neuro who gave me Paxil, lol)

* Hands and feet- Constantly cold. If I am in the bath and my feet hit the hot water, my toes go completely numb.

* Stomach Heck- Cold sweats with severe urgency to go to bathroom. Constant pain, rumbling...Blood in stool twice, although believed to be caused by antibiotics (more on that later) Colonoscopy in September showed nothing. STRONG family history of upper digestive issues...

* Constant pain in shoulder blades mid back...Been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, but don't believe it could cause this stabbing pain. It feels like it is in my ribcage, like a pressure, then radiates to my mid back. Gallbladder removed July of 2000. Constant pressure feeling in the ribs, usually the right side, but sometimes in the left side as well.

* Shaky feeling all the time- I wake up and feel shaky. My heart beats crazy fast. I have MVP, and have an arrythmia (sp?) of some sort, although cardio didn't seem concerned. Stress test in July seemed fine. I have palpitations all the time, very bothersome. Very fast pulse. My pupils in my eyes dialate anytime this happens.

* WEIRD blood pressure- Usually extremely low (Drs have jokingly asked if I am breathing) however, last night it was 157/90!!! It seems to fluctuate constantly.

* Stabbing headaches in temples and back of head. Sometimes hurts my eyes, but not migraines. These started 6m ago, and have not stopped.

* Blood in urine. (Microscopic) Been there over a year, had cystoscopy in September, seemed fine. Flank pain present. Abdominal CT scan in September, seemed fine. Flank pain ever since.

* So tired I can literally barely move. I am not kidding on this one- It doesn't matter how much sleep I get or don't get, I am so wiped out I can barely stand it anymore.

* My skin gets clammy with ANY physical activity. I am short of breath 24/7...Diagnosed with asthma as a child- but this is not anything like asthma.

* Fever that comes and goes. Usually low grade. I run fever at least twice a week..

* General feeling of being "unwell" I am sick ALL the time. This is causing problems in my marriage. My husband doesn't understand, however, I can't blame him. :(


That's not even all of it, but I am sure you all don't want to read all night.

To note...I have been tested for Lupus, and other auto-immune illness twice this year, negative. Colonoscopy and cystoscopy, negative. Kidney, thyroid, and liver functions...all seemed fine. CT scan of brain, fine. CT and ultrasound of lower abdominal, fine...

What scares me is that I have been on 17 antibiotics since March...I've switched Dr's over this, and my new one just dishes them out... I am so tired of being on them!

I am sorry for my long post, I am just so desperate. I can barely stand this much longer. You begin to have "bad" thoughts when you can't seem to get well...