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You said that you have anxiety. Is it something you had before this and if so, were you treated for it with a Seratonin booster like Paxil or something? If so, did you suddenly quit taking it or, maybe even go off it gradually? I took Paxil a few years ago and when I quit taking it, every time I turned or moved my head, I would get this sort of liquidy sound inside my head. Others have had it as well and have described it in many different ways.

I am sorry that I can't come up with any other reason for the sound if it isn't related to a seratonin uptake pill.

Take care and I hope you get better soon!
I only took Paxil and Welbutrin so, I don't know about the medicine you mentioned. But, if it does work to bring your Seratonin up, even though you may not have come off of it, it may be that the level is not high enough. When I was on Paxil, they had to up the prescription periodically as I would sort of build a tolerance to it.

That being said, I would never suggest to anyone to get on any of the anxiety meds because I really believe that Paxil screwed me up so bad. It helped my depression but, gave me other problems that were worse than the depression.

Anyway, if you have built a tolerance to your current prescription, in my opinion, that may be why you are hearing what you are hearing. I am not a doctor but, am going by my own experience from quitting my Paxil cold turkey. Talk to your doctor that prescribed your medicine and find out if it is supposed to raise your seratonin. However, even if you explain to him or her what you are experiencing, they may or may not understand you if they have never been on the med themselves. I know it sounds like I am talking in circles. I am sorry! I just have very strong opinions about all of those anxiety/depression etc...meds. I hope that you don't think me preachy. I am not trying to be.

I hope you feel better soon!
Take care and keep in touch!
Based on my experience with the "Inside your own head" sound you have explained, no one outside of my own body could hear my noise. Is the same true for you? I see a chiropractor regularly and my Dad is one so, I have always known the familiar sound of bone on bone movement and, it is usually something that people around you can hear.

As far as it worsening when you press on the area, I can't speak to that because, from what I can remember, that wasn't something I experienced. But, it was somewhere around 4 or more years ago that I got off of Paxil which caused my weird "sloshing" sound inside my head. That was one of the ways I would explain it back then. Anyway, due to how long ago it was and a short memory, I can't remember if I could narrow it down to one area of my head and, I don't think I pressed on it.

Have you been to a Chiropractor? It could be something out of alignment that could be fixed by having your neck and back adjusted. You wouldn't believe how something wrong in one part of your body can effect a part of your body that you would never have suspected. It is worth a shot. And, because Chiropractors have been the butt of many jokes, they have a slight bit more compassion and listen a bit more attentively to what is bothering you so that, if they can help you figure out what is wrong, they will do everything they can.

Take care and keep in touch!