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I was on Paxil for about 15 years, took 20 miligram size, then 30. I could go
a couple days and forget it but by the 3rd day I had to remember to take it
or I would get jolts of anxiety. But when I went through menopause and I
forgot so many times to take it I eventually just quit taking it. I seemed ok.
I haven't had any in over two years now, however my muscle aches came
back and I get arthritis meds for that. I feel ok not having my paxil.
I've been on Paxil for about 5 years. I quit taking it on my own for about 6 months. Then I noticed that I was getting my anxiety back so I started again. Sometimes as little as 10mg will help my anxiety, sometimes I need 20. That's what I'm on now. Are you saying that you don't like being on meds for anxiety? Paxil does have some bad side effects for men but they do go away. My husband's on it too.
Paxil worked great for me also when I took it. It was a wonder drug for my depression and anxiety. When I went off of it I suffered for 4 months with withdrawls.:( The electric zapping in my head when I moved or moved my eyes was awful. I realize now that it is a withdrawl symptom. I had weaned off of the Paxil very slowly (down to a quarter of a 10mg pill) and I still had a bad time getting off of it. I think that this should be explained to you before you are given this medicine. It is habit forming and is now known that it is hard to come off of this medication. The company that makes this med knows this. My anxiety came back 10 fold and I didn't return to Paxil. I went on Pamelor instead. Much better.
I never recommend Paxil to anyone and always let them know what happened to me.