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I have been thinking I might be depressed due to a very long illness of 6 months, and am presently going through a very hard recovery. I did some research on Wellbutrin and it seems to have less side effects. My daughter was on Lexapro while suffering from cancer and had complaints of agitation and anxiety. Several years ago my house burned down so due to a lot of post tramatic stress my doctor put me on Paxil which I weaned myself off of last year by using the drug Celexa. (I was never diagnosed as being depressed). I know I do not want to go back on Paxil or Celexa. I have a great GP who is always willing to discuss my fears about taking drugs so if any of you could possibly give me insights on side effects on Wellbutrin or Lexapro antidepressants, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, how long before one can feel the effects? It was so many years ago when I started the Paxil that I don't remember the difficulties, just the horrid experience of weaning off. Thank you, Sophie