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If anyone can help me get off of methadone pain pills I would forever be greatfull. I have had 3 spinal operations and have gone thru the pain pill hell. I am now on methadone 10 mgs 2 pills at a time 3 to 4 time a day for back and leg pain. I am to the point that I want to get off of the pills and I want to try it on my own. I was on Paxil for years after my first operation and I tappered off them and got off completly after about a month. But with the methadone I know that it will be much harder and I wanted to see if anyone else has done it on their own before trying myself. I am so sick of taking pills that I don't even know if the pain is real or if my body just wants the meds. I don't get any high feeling from taking the pills it just helps the pain from being so pronounced. I get 250 pills a month and I still have 1/2 a bottle from last month and I just got this month's bottle so I am not abusing the meds but it really does have control of my life. If anyone has an idea or has gone thru getting off methadone I would like to hear from you. My wife and I want to move to an area where we would be very far from a Veterans Hospital and the only thing preventing this from happening is that I need to be close to the V.A. for my meds. I need to do this not only for me but for my wife, she has always been there for me and now I have to do this for us. PLEASE HELP.
I am trying to see if there is any health foods or vitamins that would help. I am truly willing to try anything at this junction of my life. Thank you and I hope to hear from someone soon. lewisfromsells