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Hi: The advice I give regarding Effexor withdrawl is from witnessing countless people on this site go through it with great difficulty. While some might think its the wrong way it is most definately the safest way. No one can predict whether or not your withdrawl will be clean or very messy but I would rather be safe then sorry.

The hospital setting withdrawl post was me. I came off Effexor, Wellbutrin, Remeron within a ten day period but like you mentioned I was also under 24/7 care which was a very good thing as otherwise I would have been in deep trouble.

There are countless posts on this site about Effexor or Paxil withdrawl, countless how to come off it the safe way websites out there and lawsuits from people who went off it cold under advice of their doctors then went through hell who are now sueing both companies. Do your homework and don't take the risk.

take care