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I finally got off Paxil completely in April. I started loosing weight about December of last year. I have lost a total of 40 pds this year. My doctor says my blood work looks good and she tested everything. Anyone else had weight loss after getting off Paxil? I needed to loose it but it kinds worries me. Please respond.:angel:

First off welcome to the boards. I am not a doctor so this is just speculation. A lot of meds slow down ones metabolism so they tend to gain weight and for some reason some AD's encourage unhealthy eating. Maybe when the Paxil was stopped your metabolism went back to normal and your eating habits changed. I gained 60 plus pounds on Zyprexa in five to six months time. When I stopped taking the med the weight came off very fast, I was averaging over ten pounds a month loss til I reached the weight I was before the drug.

take care