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Hi Jennita I have not seen you in a long time hope everything is going well.

When it comes to antidepressants I think too many people are taking them that shouldn't be as doctors tend to hand them out like candy these days. I have taken every class of antidepressant and a good number from each one in the last couple of years. Total med count I think is somewhere around 15 but that includes other types of meds like mood stabilizers, antipsycotics, etc. A med will work really well for me for a while then just die out so I get put on a different med. Effexor worked for me for a good while and Paxil put me in the hospital in a matter of days. All meds work on different receptors so it is a matter of finding what you are lacking and then finding the right match. I don't think long term with antidepressants or any med for that matter as I need to win the battle before me then I will concern myself about long term damage. I didn't have much choice when I started meds it was either take these and hope they will help or go find a nice building to jump off of as I was at the end of my rope. I will probably be on one med or another for the rest of my life and that is from the chemical depression side (you have to love genetics) as the majority of my family are long term AD users so chances are after I deal with therapy there will still be enough of a depression left to require meds but maybe I will get lucky.

Jennita knows more about long term stuff then I do so I am not going to disagree. The thing that caught my attention is you suffer from Social Phobia why are you looking at Antidepressants wouldn't a med like Ativan or Seroquel be more benificial? There are some AD's that help with anxiety but there is a good number that can make it worse or have no effect on it at all. Just a thought

take care
I do take xanax as needed.. like before doing anything that involves stepping outside my front door, LOL... just started it and it works wonders!!! But the problem is it can become addicting if taken everyday so that is why I dont want to start on a daily regimin of it... isnt paxil and zoloft for social phobia as well as depression... and is anyone taking them for it and what have been your results? thanks