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This is how my breathing situtation all started. Back in the beginning of 2003,I was 21 yrs old, just after my husband returned home from a year deployment with the military, I started feeling these little flutters in my chest. Well, this freaked me out a little, so then came the anxiety attacks. Heart pounding, sweating, didn't know what to think. DR I had then had an electrocardiogram done(I think thats what it was, ultrasound of the heart). DR said looked fine. We never did the Holter monitor. DR put me on Zoloft. I was on it for 2 1/2 yrs. Yeah, it helped the anxiety, but the flutters were still there. I quit taking Zoloft in the fall of 2005. All of 2006 I went without Zoloft, had anxiety attacks occasionally, just dealt with it. The flutters now occur more often and seems to sometimes be more in the center of my chest and sometimes more up in my throat. Nov. of 2006 I got a scratchy throat that made me constantly feel like I need to clear my throat, although it did no good. I also had the feeling that there was something stuck in the back of my throat. Every time I swallowed there it was. Went to new DR, he put me on an antibiotic and Prevacid. Toward the end of the Prevacid dose it felt a little better. Dec. 2006, scratchy throat back, this time Prilosec for 4-6weeks. Took it for 3 weeks and felt better. Jan. 2007, still taking Prilosec, now it feels like I need to take a deep breath constantly. Sometimes I can catch it, sometimes I can't. DR put me on Claritin and Klonopin. Thought maybe it was allergies and of course the Klonopin for the anxiety of not being able to breath correctly. Guess what, didn't work. Back to DR, this time my heart rate is 124, so DR does and ekg and a chest x-ray. EKG fine, but a little fast. Chest xray different story- said theres a lot going on in there. Grew up in a smoker home, myself a smoker for 10yrs now, worked in a feed mill for 2 yrs. DR gives me albuterol inhaler and puts me on Paxil. Inhaler has done nothing for me. Have to go take some pulmonary breathing tests as soon as the hospital calls and lets me know when. Very scary deal. 24yrs old and DR says be lucky if I don't have a Pulmonary Disorder by 30.