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I was put on paxil CR 12.5 back in Feb for GAD and panic disorder. Getting used to it was brutal. It took about 2 weeks before the worst of the side effects were gone and at that point I still felt like crap. After 2.5 months I decided to get off it and felt not better but real. I just figured that this wasn't the drug for me. I was okay for awhile and then it came back so I just used xanax to keep it to a level until I could get an appointment with my physc. See prescribed me Lexapro, which I only heard good things about. After the first day the same completely unbearable side effects were their again. Could I just be allergic or SSRI are not for me? What other drugs are out there to control anxiety/panic?
You could be allergic to them...I was.

I got the bright idea that I wanted to try something else instead of my Xanax..my idea, not the Doctor's...he said okay if I wanted to we could give them a try.
Worst mistake of my life!

I tried both Zoloft and Paxil, first day on the Zoloft was HELL!
My arms and legs started to shake and I had no control over them, then I felt like my hair was crawling...frankly I wanted to jump out the window.
Called the Doctor and he told me to cut the pills in half.
When I did that the shaking wasnt' so bad, but on the third day about three hours after I took it my lips and tongue started to swell up....same thing with the Paxil.
I wouldn't try another SSRI if my life depended on it.
They aren't for me, and frankly I'd be terrifed of having another allergic reaction.

I also take Xanax, I have for years and that's the only that's ever worked for me.