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Hello everyone. I will keep my story short:

3 1/2 years ago diagnosed with post-partum depression
Have been seen by therapist on and since then
Have tried:
Zoloft (gain 70 lbs in 11 months)
Serzon (off market now)
Prozac (almost committed me)
Paxil (Men, what are they and why!!! No Labido)
Wellbutrin (allergic)
Alexra (did not take long so don't know)

Recently scheduled for surgery for back problem. DR wanted me to take anti-depressant to "avoid" depressed episode. I hade stopped my against their advice because all of my closest friends and family kept reminding me how strong I always was and should not need this! Bad idea I guess.

Taking Elavil due to reactions to others (12-14 days)

I would swear it has made me depressed but...

I am deeply hurt by the fact that this may be my life now and I need anti-depressants. I was hoping someone here can tell me from their personal experience if chronic depression is something that can be "out grown" or is a life long condition? I hear the DRS opinions but I want to hear it from those of us that suffer from it.

Second quesion is about the Elavil. Have you had adverse side effects from it? Not sleeping either and lack of control of thoughts. Was not experiencing this before (to this degree).

I am so glad I found this board after all of these years and hope someone can help with some info. Take care and thanks to everyone for taking the time to read this and respond.