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Hi everyone. I've been on paxil cr for about 6 months. My dosage now is one pill a dy at 37.5mg. My anxiety has been better but I think I might need more of a dosage. The problem is that my memory isn't as sharp as it was before I started taking the medication. I have trouble recalling simple things. I just feel like an idiot when I have to rack my brain for information. Has anyone experienced this side effect while on paxil cr? Does it go away? Because I ready to go off the medication. Thank you, any information would be great.
This could definately be a side effect of your meds. I was on Paxil for a while and it just did NOT work for me. I am now on Effexor xr and it works fairly well for me. However, I have heard of head fuzziness and memory blockage as side effects. There is a med out there for you that wont do this to you. Let your pdoc know so he can try something else with you. I dont think an upped dosage will help this problem, only make it worse. Just be careful, this doesnt seem like a side effect that will pass, it sounds like your chemical make-up isnt right for this particular drug. Dont give up, there are many drugs out there...there will be one for you!

Good Luck,