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Hello all,
I'm new to this board and I'm hoping I can get support and it's good to be around people that suffer from similar problems as mine. I have severe anxiety and I worry ALL the time about pretty much anything. I am a hopeless hypochondriac. Every little ache and pain is imagined to be a serious fatal illness. I just recently turned 45 and I've been worrying ever since my birthday about getting old, sick and dying. I'm currently on 2 mg of xanax per day. Most of the time I only take 1 mg because I'm terrified of addiction and withdrawal stuff in case I ever have to stop. My doc wants to try me on paxil, but I've heard bad horror stories about the withdrawal, so I doubt if I'll try that. Do you guys have any other suggestions of anything you've tried that helped to calm things down without a lot of horrid side effects and extra worry ? Thanks for listening, and thanks for being here so that we can all help each other !!

Hi Zlady,

valium type meds will calm you for a while but should only be taken when needed

paxil type meds often help but can have early side effects, wirhdrawl from them is seldom a problem, there are many others similar to paxil, prozac, lexapro that arent known for paxil's withdrawl problems

books on overcoming worry have much useful advice, try amazon or the local library
people can and do worry themselves sick!