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Last night at 1:30 in the morning I awoke feeling really spaced out. My arms and back felt really warm then a cold sensation went from my neck through my shoulders down my arms and down my back. A tingly numb sensation rushed from the center of my back through my shoulders to my bicepts. Then I felt heavy and dizzy, all of this hapened several times, in waves, before I fell back to sleep.

Since June 24 I have been out of work due to my mystery illness witch I thought was going away till last night and today. All of this started with vertigo and depersonilization 24/7, then the vertigo turned to dizziness and then lightheadedness. I also have a full feeling in my ears, they feel poped. Whenever I have spells like the one last night I feel tired, spaced out with a bad headache in my neck and temples.

My first diagnosis was eustacian tube dysfunction. They put me on prednisone, zyrtec and nasonix, the nine days that I was on this medication I felt worse. My next diagnosis was anxiety so I was put on paxill, and even though I have had several attacks like the one last night my dizziness seems to be going away. I dont think the paxil has anything to do with that, I am still wondering,after 48 days, what good it is doing at all.

Im only 34, I have a wife and two kids that I love very much and I am scared that whatever is happening to me is going to kill me. I would also like to add that all of this started 2 days after stoping a drug called protonix and acephix for heartburn.

Will anxiety cause all of these problems and if it is anxiety why hasnt the paxil started to work. Have any of you ever had problems like this. Could the protonix have put me over the edge, I have heard that a side effect is deppresion and I have been deppresed and anxious since 12 years of age. Are there any ways to treat without these bad drugs.

Thanks to all for reading and to any responses.

I had a similar experience after 4 days on paxil. Woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I was burning up. I also have a eustachean tube dysfunction that has been going on for the last 4 yrs. This spring it started to get really bad and soon after I started having panic attacks, gastro problems, headaches, shoulder and neck pains. I was convinced that death was imminant. Had all kinds of tests done like bloodwork, thyroid check, even an mRI of brain showing nothing. Doc said it was all anxiety and put me on paxil. Like I said, I lasted 4 days before I started really losing it, thought I was going crazy so I called a shrink. He too said anxiety and gave me xanax which helps calm me down somewhat and also Effexor, an SNRI anti-depressant. Like you, I am still wondering if it is doing anything for me. I am more and more convinced that the eustachean tube problem is the root of all this. I have fullness, clicking noises when I swallow, hear my breathing like someone is blowing on my eardrum, and most annoying constantly hear the sound of blood rushing to the rythm of my heartbeat. I am going next week to get a tube put in my eardrum to see if it helps eliminate these symptoms. I think if I can get rid of this problem my anxiety/depression will go away or at least ease up. The good news is that I havent died yet (although at times it sounds like an attractive option), and you probably wont either. I think it most likely that the ear problems are causing the anxiety, which in turn can cause all sorts of the most unlikely sounding symptoms. In any case, you are not alone, so hang in there.
P.S. - If the tube doesn't help I am going to Boston to see Dr. Dennis Poe, who is the preemminant experton ET disorders, you might consider calling him, just type his name and Boston in google or something and you will find his number. Good luck