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im on paxil for having panic attacks and i have been on it for 7 months.it has helped to control them but i seem to always have this feeling like i am dead or something. i cant explain it but if i had one word to describe it,dead,would definitely be it. i sometimes feel like the things around me are not real either.even when i get into the car and drive and come home i couldn't tell you if i even stopped at any stop lights. i feel like my life is just a giant blur. even sometimes at night i get this sensation while i try to sleep like fear or panicky and i get figure it out. my memory is like gone and i am only 20 and feel like im 120. its just so crazy. i was like every one else here. the common headache turned into a bain aneurysm and i was on like internet like a crazy lady trying to diagnose myself. i even became addicted to the news when we were fight iraq when the rumor was floatin around that they were going to bomb us with small pox and anthrax. my question is... why do we become so crazed that it complety consumes our life and with this ever go away????
To PM, the paxil may be partly responsible, try upping the dose to see if it works better, otherwise maybe swap to another paxil type med, there are many

recovery is always helped by learning CBT, relaxation , stress managment, etc and not just relying on meds