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When i am around a lot of people, I have this inability to concentrate on anything. When people say something to me i can't focus because i'm so distracted with the goings on around me. I feel like i can't hear them a lot of times, but my hearing is fine. If i'm going to say something, i draw a blank on what it is i want to say and can't think of the right words. When i get on a roll and start telling a story, i always feel like i'm going to be interrupted any second by someone walking up to the other person so i usually end up speeding things up, leaving things out and have this feeling that i just want them to know what it is i'm trying to say.

I'm sure this makes me seem flaky to people. It sucks because i normally have a lot to say, i just don't bother to try sometimes because i know it will backfire when i try to communicate. This only occurs when there is a larger group of people and especially with people i don't know well. People that can talk up and be funny in front of a lot of people are my heroes. I just can't do that.

I used to take kava for anxiety and it helped sometimes, mostly with the little stuff like calming me down before driving in a snow storm. I stopped taking it after all the news of it being dangerous to the liver. My doc reluctantly gave me Ativan at my request to take as needed. 1 pill does nothing, 2 pills just makes me feel weird and more spacey than i normaly do. The doc tried to push Paxil on me, but i'm too chicken to try it after reading this board. Plus i don't think i need to take a daily pill to function daily. It's just these situations that bother me.

Is there anything i can do? Or is there any particular med that is supposed to help with this type of anxiety? Thanks.
sounds like the anxiety nmay be giving you some derealisation
ativan is a valium type med that helps most, perhaps some other valium type med such as xanax may suit you better, paxil would be worth trying, it often helps, see their website

learning relaxation would also help