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I'm wondering which medication would be best suited for my condition- Social Anxiety Disorder. Of course, my Psych. will prescribe the best one on Tues. when I go for my appt, but I wanted to get some advice from any of you who have this condition and have experienced these medications, just so I am prepared to stay informed when my Doc writes the slip. My concern is, I have heard horrible things about Paxil, but I have also heard that it works wonders. Thus, if anyone has tried Zoloft or Effexor for SAD, please share your experiences with me. Did these medications seem to work for the disorder? I have not heard the horror stories about these meds like I have about Paxil, so if they seem to work as well for SAD, I would prefer to use them over Paxil. Thanks for any input.
paxil is being heavily promoted for SAD but actually is only 1 of many prozac type or SSRI antidepressants, zoloft is another

effexor is a different type of antidepressant, a SNRI type
all antidepressants are probably effective against SA, but you may need to try several in order to find 1 that works for you and has side effects that you can live with, the psych wont really be able to tell yet

most people come off paxil OK but a small number do have problems, these dont seem to happen with other SSRI meds

I urge you to get some books on overcoming SA, many are written by recovered sufferers