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I am a saddened girlfriend of a guy who I met almost nine years ago in high school, we feel in love and been together ever since. The past six months though has been very hard for us. He was diagnosed with what they say is social anxiety and depression. He can't leave the house to go to work or even to the small store in town. The doctor has him on paxil cr 25mg and Ativan . But it just doesn't seem to be working. The ativan does calm him down but the paxil isn't helping. He only takes the ativan when he feels anxious though. He's afraid of getting addicted to it. We've told the doctor this but he (dr.) wants to give it two more weeks every time. His medical leave is over next month and they say if he can't work for a straight month he will be terminated from the job he's been at for several years now. Like he needs that pressure on top of everything else! He has lost interest in all the things he loves to do, can't sleep, twitches and shakes all the time, he tells me all the time he feels like he's going crazy, and he talks about leaving me because he says I deserve better than this. PLEASE I love him with all my heart and soul and if anyone has any advise that can help me help him let me know. And if there is anyone out there that has this problem like my b/f and is able to work how do you cope with it at work? And if you can't work or lost your job like he might is there any help out there for this? Thank you for taking the time to read this and any advise is greatly appreciated. My heart goes out to all of you!
Actually he says that he's always had difficulties when talking to strangers. He really never has went out of his way to talk to his co workers at work but I never thought any thing about it. I just thought he didn't really have anything in common with them so he kept to himself, but he always went to work. Then he was put on medical leave for digestive problems. The doctors jerked us around for months and by the time he felt like he was healthy enough to go to work he couldn't. The pressure of going back (I guess) brought back the feelings that he had when he was younger. And that's when it seemed to have taken over. On the plus side though he did go to see a counselor who says he needs different medicine. That the paxil should have worked by now and she gave him some breathing tips. So hopefully we are on the right road to recovery! Bless his heart all that he's gone through he still gets up every day and tries. He goes to these doctors and talks to them about his problems I am so proud of him!! It must be so hard. He hasn't gave up hope. And I won't let him.

Thank You for responding :)
I will keep posting anything we find out!
Thanks for caring! God Bless You !!
maybe his dose of paxil needs to be taken up. 25mg doesn't sound like much. i am a very friendly and outgoing person. always have been. my mother died in 1994 and a couple months after her death i started having panic attacks. out of the blue. the paxil controlled the attacks, but caused weight gain. i am now on 100mg a day of zoloft. no attacks. to me the zoloft doesn't help with depression, but it does help with anxiety. good luck!
to looking, I think he will need to take ativan daily for a while in a large enough dose to enable him to stay at work, addiction to it is rare, fear of addiction is a common excuse for those who dont want to get better, to be blunt about it.

paxil and other antidepressants simply dont work at all in about 30% of cases and the paxil should be swapped for another antidepressant, if a paxil type one is got, then the swap can be made overnight

you need to get some books on overcoming anxiety and to encourage him to learn the stress reduction and coping skills
deep slow breathing is one of these

does he have reflux or GERD? if so meds help