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Hi my name is Phil and i'm new to the board i'm a 23 yr old male and i suffer from anxiety disorder and panic attacks and i have the usual symptoms as do everyone else. I'm on 20mg Paxil once a day.

Recently i've been having trouble eating and swallowing as i feel nothing is goin down right and i always have to clear my throat 24hrs a day. Is this a normal symptom? I've been scared to eat for the last couple days and God knows i have to eat. I dont know what to do i havent told my Dr. about this symptom yet but i dont have an appointment for another week and i'm not doin another trip to the ER they treat you like crap there. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.....

swallowing problems are common from anxiety, the paxil should eventually reduce anxiety, however if recently started, paxil can actually make your anxiety worse
for a while

chewing the food longer helps sometimes

get doc to look at your throat

anxiety often makes people feel a lump in their throat when none is there

try to get some valium type meds, these relax the muscles for a while, including all the throat muscles

gentle exercise and long walks are very good for reducing anxiety also