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Thanks for your reply. I know it sounds totally crazy! For me, taking the medicine is as scary as asking you to hold a gun to your head and pulling the trigger not knowing if it's loaded or not. I know that sounds extreme, but as silly as it sounds, it is soooo real to me!! I go over the whole traumatic experience. I take the pill, it creates a certain kind of reaction, my heart starts racing and bursts or something and I die. I know it is very far fetched, but b/c it is a possibility, I can't do it. I even bought the prescription and put the pill up to my mouth, but just can't put it in. I also suffer from acid reflux that gets very aggravatged when my anxiety is up, and my doctor scheduled me for an endoscopy (where they give you some meds to sedate you, and put a lighted tube down your throat to see your esopagus, stomache, and lower digestive system)but I'm cancelling the appointment because even though this is considered a safe, routine procedure I can't shake the fear of having a reaction to the sedatation meds and dying, or something going wrong. I'm terrified to have it done and terrified to not have it done. I want to take the effexor. I took paxil a couple years ago, before I was this bad, and it worked pretty good. The doctor doesn't want to put me on it because it can cause weight gain, and he said it's not as effective for someone like me. You would think that since I took the paxil w/out trouble, that I would be able to take the effexor w/out fear. Afterall, they are pretty much the same drug. Can't do it. I know..I seem hopeless. :(