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I feel like I am losing it again!

Quick story first.......

I had my major panic attack back in university and things went down hill. Dropped out, lost my best friend/girl became antisocial, stopped training, stopped playing ball... panic attacks were almost everyday! twice a day! stabbing pain to the head was the main thing, with dizziness and numbness to the body. I didn't know what was going on.
It took a while after so many tests, scans... etc to find out "it was all in the head", so they said.

Anyhows, I was giving clonazepam and paxil... they did help, though very addictive. I tried to go off several times with no luck. The idea of 'needing' a pill just didn't stick with me. I am the kind of person that used to take only vitamins... no medications, for anything. So, the idea of putting 'chemicals' to my body worried me.

I had no choice and was taking medication for two years and finally on January 1, 2003 I decided to flush all the stuff down the toilet. I hated my life, feeling spaced out, feeling depressed, feeling 'limited' to do things.
I am not going to lie... it was painful while I was going through the process of 'detox' of paxil and clonazepam.. I was told it was roughly a month until the body is clear of the drugs. So all I would get was very anxious and 'itchy to do something'.. didn't know what, but I would just walk back and forth until it would go away.

Six months went well, with just the 'anxious feeling here and there', gym helped me in a way. And the odd time all I would feel was a tightness in my chest (which I checked several times, EKG.. lol)

Now I feel like I am losing it again!
I am starting to feel new symptoms and it is creeping me out. It has been going for three weeks now, help!
I feel a tightness that won't go away.. in all the left side of my face and head. My left arm and back are also affected. I go to sleep and still wake up with it, it gets worse during the day. Sometimes numbness sets in together with the 'tightness'. Also, I feel pressure behind my left eye and ear and I have to sometimes hold my nose and pop my ears.

I checked it out with the sinus doc, he says everything is normal, general doc says it's stress/anxiety related and not to worry... but I am worried! I feel like my head is going to explode if I carry something. I have no headaches, just the head pressure which remains in the left side and numbs me up when I do physical things.

Could anyone tell me if this is a typical feeling of stress/anxiety? (I've never felt this before on times of panic/anxiety ... I thought I had every symptom figured out). It just doesn't go away!! Any solutions? Should I go swimming now?? I dunno... I am getting worried and every day now I get episodes of anxiousness... Is this what happens when you try to go clean? I just don't want to go back to pills... ever!