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Hello everyone. Posting on these boards is usually not me, but when I read and see the compassion that people have, I thought it was worth a shot. I’m in such desperate need of help I don’t know what to do. I’m a 28-year-old female, healthy, just lost 90 lbs in 13 months. Over the last year, I went to the gym 3-4 times a week, weight trained and did aerobics, planned a wedding and worked full time plus waitressed on Saturdays. I was married in June and came home from my honeymoon on June 22nd. The last week of my honeymoon I began having stomach pains and loose stools. At first I thought a bug since I was on a Caribbean Island, but it was relentless so I attributed it to my irritable bowel that I was diagnosed with freshman year of college (1993). Coincidently, I received my third shot of Hep B vaccination on June 24th. Over the next few weeks, I did feel blue that the wedding was over and back to reality. I started to develop urinary frequency and a painful bladder and burning after urination. My Gynecologist said everything on that end was fine and referred me to a urologist. No signs of an infection! After seeing the urologist, she suspects pelvic floor tensed muscles or something called Interstitial Cystitis (IC). After reading information about IC I was obviously upset to find out that the outcome is not positive I couldn’t imagine why my bladder felt so bad. Anyway, as time passed more and more “symptoms” were coming out. Three months later I can tell you that my body hurts in so many places. My shoulders ache, mid to upper back have severe pains, deep pain in chest, stomach pains, legs feel weak and shaky like i can't support myself, feel like my walk is off, even pain in my rectum. Plus sharp, shooting pains ALL over. Sometimes I get this feeling that comes over me and I don’t know how to describe it but as my whole being feels so sick and I feel like my legs won’t walk, (but they always do). I have small muscle twitches or feelings of like bubbles all over like my calves, trunk, chest, face and even female parts. I feel so tired, but my mind races with so many thoughts and cannot sleep at night. Am up tossing and turning or crying to my husband. The worst is recently I began to have painful shooting sensations into my hands and feet and tingling. Sometimes even holding the steering wheel of my car hurts my hands. Others times the pains just shoot for no reason. I feel sensations of heat and cold in my hands in feet. Mostly my ring and pinky fingers. My lips are tingly and feel slightly burned. I’m terrified that I will get worse and not better. I have gone to my regular doctor twice in which he did a whole bunch of blood work for CBC, ANA, RF and sed rate plus a urinalysis. He said all the results were normal. He sent me to a rheumatologist to set my mind at ease, so I went and the rheumatologist said Fibromyalgia and prescribed Elavil 10mg at bedtime. I just don’t understand how a perfectly healthy person could just develop fibromyalgia. Now I can barely do 20 minutes of aerobics maybe 3 times a week and forget about weight training, I can’t even raise 10lbs above my shoulders. I Took the Elavil as the rheumatologist suggested for 12 nights and just kept feeling worse, the pain is so bad at night so I made an appointment with a Neurologist. He performed the regular in office test of coordination and muscle and said that everything neurologically looked fine, didn’t see any muscle weakness despite how I feel. He said the only test he would perform on me would be a spinal tap and he doesn’t even think that would yield any results. God I really am scared to have that done. He said to stop Elavil and gave me Paxil CR 12.5 mg to try. Thinks is all anxiety. I’ve been on Paxil CR now for 9 days and feel worse everyday. I pray everyday it is anxiety and the change of marriage and a new life but I’m terrified every minute of every day how awful I feel. I know that I do have anxiety and nervousness as a result of my pain. I feel in my gut that it is from the Hep B shot and I can’t stand the guilt I feel for doing this to myself, especially since I was at no risk to get Hep B. I was stupid to have asked for this vaccination! None of the 3 doctors believe its from the shot. I worry about Neuropathy, CIDP, ALS and MS. If anyone has any input I truly appreciate it. Its so not fair to my husband to start our marriage off like this, we planned on trying to have children next summer and fear that I will never be able to. If you made it this far, thank you for reading.
When I get really, really anxious, I get an chy feeling all over, kinda crampy like. Mysteriously, when I stop thinking about it and concentrate on something else, it goes away..so I know it' all in my head. It's anxiety. It feels so crappy, that I'm sure I'm coming down mith the flu or something. Before you know it, I'm feeling just fine. Anxiety and stress causes everyone very different symptoms, and if your doctors tell you you're OK...believe them!!! Keep giving the Paxil a try..it should help you in a little time..mine took about 3 weeks to kick in.

Good luck and feel better
Cathy, your words sound so encouraging, but no matter what I do, (workout, go out with friends, do a hobby, or even try to meditate) my pain and ucky feeling is ALWAYS there. Its so great that you have learned this about yourself as it is powerful tool to help you when you are in an anxious/or derpressed time. Im going to give the paxil a shot, no noticable horrible side effects after day 10, but not feeling physically any better. It stinks cause my mind seems so clear, (even before the paxil) but when I dwell on how I feel, thats when I lose it and feel sad. I will give the paxil a shot to show the doctor that maybe my gut is right and its more than just anxiety....a part of me hopes not though cause I just want to wake up and be my old self again.
Thanks for your time,