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Hello Broadwaygirl3~
I tried everything for my anxiety/ocd/panic symptoms. I had trouble breathing, my heart was always beating amillion miles a minute, I was fatigued, and I had a lump in my throat for quite a while. I never tried the official "CBT", but I did try exercise, prayer (I am a Christian), relaxation exercises, deep breathing, etc. I was very resistant to meds. But, I got to a point where I stopped doing almost everything I enjoy. I started avoiding people also, as my social anxiety got worse and worse. So, I decided to just give meds a shot, and take them and tough out the initial side effect for 6 weeks, and if they didn't work, I would just stop. I took Wellbutrin first. I had to stop that very soon because I was having a rapid heartbeat and hardly slept. Then, I tried paxil cr, starting with 12.5 dose. I moved up to 25 and still wasn't getting relief, so went up to 37.5 and it was like a light came on in a dark room. I am so much better now 7 weeks later. There were some difficult days having to suffer through the side effects, but they really do go away, but it does take a few weeks, which feels like an eternity. I just kept praying for strength to make it one day at a time. Now, I am back to enjoying life again, my anxiety is reduced incredibly, although I still struggle with the social thing (people are so fakey) And I am sleeping after three years of chronic insomnia. I just wanted to write my story to let you know that different approaches work for different people. I wasn't so thrilled to hear about all the side effects of meds, but I had to try it for myself, They really do work for a lot of people. Best wishes...blessings.
I'm resistant to meds, my sister got addicted to paxil and gained a lot of weight from her other meds. I'm on a lot of medication for my stomach issued, one says "do not take with anti-depressants" so I'm not sure how medicine would work.
I don't know what to do, I'm seeing my doctor on Monday but it doesn't seem like Monday's coming fast enough. My family is no support- I told my mom I'm having a hard time and she was like "I know". Nothing more. Some days like I said I'm close to being suicidal... ugh, my parents just don't get how bad SAD can be. I'm just worried because I'm really going through physical things- I can't eat, I entirely missed my period- and I'm not pregnant, lump in throat... I guess I can't really do anything until I talk to my doctor. I used to go every week, then twice a week. Now I'm going once a month and it isn't working. I started in March and my mom decided I'd be 'cured' by the end of the summer. She doesn't think I need to see my doctor often, but I really do. I guess all I can do now is complain...