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All of this information is really helping me out. thanks. I am going through a hard time becoming certified board-wise in my job field. I have low self esteem and chronic depression and generalized anxiety disorder. I had weaned myself off my meds too prematurely 6 mos ago because I was feeling better. Now that i'm having troubles again, I am beginning Paxil again. It still hasn't kicked in (it's only been 5 days). In the meantime, I had a full-blown generalized anxiety episode, not really like a panic attack. I was just anxious all the time, could not sleep, downward spiral negative thinking and constant worrying and saying I couldn't do it (no confidence or faith, wanted to give up), bad-smelling heavy perspiration, sweats, then chills, couldn't go out to buy groceries, couldn't shower or take care of myself, stomach consantly churning (constant food passing through/diarrhea/lost a whole bunch of weight), constant mask of anxiety on my face, could not function, could not talk to people socially, twitched a lot and fidgeted with my hands, paced back and forth, a dysfunctional state of anxiety. My doctor recommended Klonopin. I'd never taken it before. I've taken Ativan (wow-I like that one but too addictive & makes me spacey) and I've taken Buspar (pretty good, takes too long to kick in). So anyway, I took Klonopin & instantly felt better. she gave me .5 mg pills (at least I think that's the dosage, one pink pill) and told me to take one in the morning and 1 to 2 at night before bed. This is in addition to my Paxil. well, I don't want to be too drugged on a benzo, so I just took a half a pill in the morning. I calmed down almost completely. It was a joy. I took 1/2 to 3/4 of a tablet to sleep that night and that worked. Then the past 2 days I only take 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 at night, sometimes at night that is not enough and I wake up at 4:00 am with those old anxiety feelings returning and it scares me so I take a tiny 1/8 piece of Klonopin and it works.
I have a tendency to become dependent on things (alcohol, Ativan, you name it). BTW I no longer drink alcohol :) But anyway I am glad I found this post because I was also wondering how long I should stay on this drug. The doctor said until the Paxil kicks in (usually it takes 1 to 2 months for the Paxil to kick in, although it never works as well as it did originally when i first took it 7 yrs ago). So anyway, I don't want to become dependent on this benzo Klonopin. Maybe I'll try not taking it one day and keep little pieces handy just in case? If someone would please reply that would be wonderful. So good to know there is someone out there who understands and whom I can come to for support. This situation i am in is a long-term stressful situation (perhaps a year), so I need to find ways to cope for that long a period of time and still be functional and competent. Thanks :)
Yes, you should probably not take it everyday to avoid dependancy, also, it was very wise of you to take less than the prescription!

When benzos wear off, there is rebound anxiety and insomnia, so be aware of that, so even though you already have those conditions, rebound is drug-related. It is sometimes hard to separate original vs. rebound/tolerance/paradoxial/withdrawal symptoms since they are basically the same. It can be very confusing; however, the drugs do and can cause this as research has proven.

I even met someone who took a little Valium prescribed by his doctor for relieving back spasms from an injury (he is a body-builder) but he only took it a few months and keep in mind Valium is one of the weaker benzos. Well, would you believe he suffered severe insomnia, headaches and anxiety upon discontinuation of Valium? He never had such things in his life, and this went on for an entire year before the symtoms subsided! He knew it was withdrawal so he stayed the course, is ok now and back into body-building. But it shows the damaging potential of these drugs.

So all I can say is be very careful and do not follow doctors' orders... which is usually take too much and take them everyday!(except for Gracie's doctor)

Also, watch out for Paxil, it has turned on some people. So if for some reason it doesn't work this time or you get worse, don't assume it's just you, stress or not! And good luck; I hope all goes well with your job :)
Thanks for replying to me, Jennita. I will be careful about the Klonopin. My dr said I could take Klonopin until the Paxil kicks in (which should be in 2-3 weeks), then I assume she meant I would taper it down? I just hope Paxil alone, when it kicks in, will do the trick. this anxiety I have right now is really high. Thanks for wishing me luck re: my job. this is the most anxious I've ever been because the next few months/year will be crucial. It will be hard to get through every day. But it helps to have this board.

I did not take Klonopin all day yesterday (did not take my morning dose), so by night I felt the anxiety creeping up again, not in the same intensity as before, but I felt it, the negative thoughts started up. Why does anxiety always bring negative thoughts? I wouldn't even mind the physical symptoms so muhc if it weren't for the negative thoughts; they make me feel like I can't do anything. I think I should try to read that cognitive behavioral book the other person prescribed to try and change my thought patterns. Anyway, thanks for responding to me Jennita and everyone for just being here.