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Of course I went through all those FUn side effects of Paxil CR..night sweats, hot flashes, derealization, etc. I am only on 12.5, and I need more! My dr. upped me to 25 which I am afraid to start because of side effects again. Will I get them again, or will I nopt? I've been on 12.5 for about 3 months now.

Help;..I'm scared of those side effects again. If they are gonna happen, fine, but I want tp be prepared. Be honest!!


Hi Jersey Girl..Hi Spaniel...
I just started on Paxil CR 12.5mg in August. My side effects included waking up several times in the night, zoning out for a few minutes at a time (deer caught in the headlights), and constipation. The Paxil really helped my anxiety but I noticed after four weeks that my anxiety and irritability was starting again, so my Dr. upped my dosage to 25mg. The original side effects were pretty much gone and didn't come back with the increase in dosage...the only side effect I have now is enlarged pupils in the mornings. I take my meds at night. I feel the Paxil has made tremendous difference in my life. I don't worry so much about little things, therefore, I don't have as much anxiety...but I still have "some" anxiety, and a few "hyperchondriac" episodes at times. Thank you for listening.

Hey all paxil cr friends! Don't give up on the paxil. I had all those crazy side effects on the lowest doeses, and now at 37.5, it's like a light cam on in a dark room. It has been 7 weeks since starting the 12.5 and only 2 weeks on 37.5...and it seems to improve, not get worse. Although, I have found that I've had to change the time I take it from morning to evening. At first it made me all wound up, and then as it has been getting into my system, it relaxes me more. It's a wonder these medicines actually work.