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Hi... :eek:
I am New To This site... I Am a 33 yr old female.
I have one 15 yr old Daughter and I am married.
Nice To meet you all.
I was wondering if any of you have, or have heard of someone having a phobia of the wind.I know that sounds weird, but I have a terrible phobia of the wind. Not little breezes or anything , but WIND like over 30 mph. I live in the mtns and Sometimes the wind gets really bad where I live ... But the fear I have is way over the top. I get very close to the panic attack stage.I am kinda hoping to find someone who can relate.
I am on Paxil CR, but its not helping with my depression symptoms or my unrealistic fear of the wind. I was on Lexapro and it seemed to help alittle better, but No meds I have taken for this so far have Truely helped me... Does anyone have any advice???
Boy have I found my place here... Thank goodness!
Well actually There is a name for phobia of the wind I read up on it but I cant think of what it is right now [img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/idea.gif[/img] .
I dont go into panic every time the wind blows, but for instance, Like if the Weather forcast is giving a wind advisory or high wind warning, then is when it starts for me. Thats when I start feeling panic symtoms.Even before the wind starts blowing.
Last year I was taking lexapro and my anxiety wasnt as bad. But my Dr. changed me to paxil cr and Its not helping me at all... The reason I was changed from Lexapro to Paxil was because the Lexapro didnt seem to last throughout the whole 24 hr day. But I might just have to settle for 12 to 18 hrs of anxiety relief... Does anone have any suggestions for meds that are like Lexapro but last longer?
i think the Klonopin would be a good idea.. if you find the Zoloft doesn't work, maybe you could talk to your doctor about seperate dosages of Lexapro.

i myself take Paxl CR, but i take two different doses thru the day 'cause i had the same problem that you had.. the pills wouldn't last thru the day.. they'd always wear off towards the end and it made it impossible to sleep.. i'd tried it with Effexor XR, Zoloft, and then Paxil b4 i settled with the Paxil.. my first dose i take is a 25mg dose.. this is the anchor that keeps me in place and calm thru the day.. then in the evening i take a 12.5mg dose and it evens out the dose an allows me to stay unbothered the rest of the day 'til i'm asleep..

and lately i've even been feeling well enough to skip doses.. i've been taking single doses in the evening and feeling fine.

goodluck. (we have a wind warning here for the next two days.. 40mph winds and it's only 7 degrees out right now! it's making it rather easy to put myself in your shoes.. don't stop trying to get past this!)