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If i'm taking 12.5 grams paxil cr... if i go to 25, how long until i notice the difference? Couple days?? Thanks much!!!!
I've been on paxil cr for about 2months now. I started with 12.5 for a week, then went to 25 for another two weeks and I still felt "wierd" and had some unpleasant side effects. I was beginning to think they weren't ever going to work, but I had promised myself that I would give it six weeks and my dr assurred me that it really does take that long for some people to get full effects. So, then I went up to 37.5 and it was like a light went off in a dark room. In just a couple of days I was relaxed, could sleep (finally!) and I didn't worry so much. So, I've stayed at this dosage for about a month or so and it seems to be leveled out and working for me. I do have some ups and downs, but it's nothing compared to before. I was almost paralyzed and overwhelmed with everything before. Now I am able to get things done. So, hang in there and give it time and ask about a dose increase if you aren't getting relief after a couple of weeks.