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I'm afraid I will have anxiety every time I try to do better for myself (getting more worthy job, getting nice boyfriend, etc). Am afraid will be stuck in secretarial jobs for rest of my life. But that might not be so bad, huh? it could be worse. with my condition (generalized anxiety disorder & chronic depression) I guess I would be lucky to even get a job huh? Right now I am temping as a secretary and trying to pass boards for another career I am trying. but each time I keep making a stupid mistake and fail boards. i don't know if i have the strength to take another board. my anxiety level is too high. i just started Paxil 2 weeks ago (again, it works fine for me when i take it), and I'm taking tiny bits of Klonopin but will soon switch to Buspar which works fine for me when I take it.

I also am afraid I will never find anyone to love. all I find are pain filled, non nurturing men. I am so scared of being alone, yet I have been alone generally for most of my life. most of the time i didn't want anyone. at least i had one two-year relationship. the last relationship was 4 yrs ago. how can I cope if i never have another relationship again and i watch all my friends and family get married and have kids? my only consolation is that i don't want kids so at least i don't pine for that.

i just want to know i am not alone. how can i meet people? how can i meet guys to date? i just began therapy again too. i guess i must realize i have a chronic condition and must not stop therapy and keep going off these meds. i think i am in denial that i have these conditions and want to function med-free but it doesn't work for me. how do those of you who are alone cope? those who live alone? what kind of jobs do you do with your anxiety that are all right for you? do you have any advice or any words of comfort for me? please, I will try to help others but please help me. i am trying to help myself also but it is very hard (a lot of emotional abuse so negative thoughts). thank you.
paxil sometimes helps a lor with depression and anxiety, it can take 6 weeks to work properly and the dose may need upping
Thank you. I am more relaxed. But there is still some anxiety and I still have insomnia. I guess I can't expect it to go away overnight.

Hopefully the Paxil will kick in soon. I've only been taking it for 2 weeks