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Has any one had this problem? I have been on paxil for panic for over a month now. It is working great for me the only draw back that I see is that I have no energy.
Paxil makes me tired and for me that was good because I was not sleeping. What can I do to get my energy back?
I know when I was wellburtin I had a lot of energy but that was for depression at the time.
its possible the paxil hasnt started working properly yet, try taking it before bed
the dose may need adjusting
otherwise wellbutrin usually also works for anxiety
EXACTLY! Thats jsut the way I am. I have been taking paxil cr for around 4 months and I have had the sames symtoms... I take mina about 6 in the evening and I cannot go to sleep till around 1 or 2 in the morning.. then I feel drugged and cant get up when I need to.I dont have any energy whatsoever. I think it is the paxil bothering me.
What does your doctor say about the way you feel? I take the ragular paxil. I have an apointment on monday and I will ask her then about my issue.
God Bless
Well I had an apt this morning and my DR switched me to zoloft 50 mgs... I have to taper off the paxil.. I am just glad to be getting off of it..I sure do hope I have better luck with zoloft. I will let you know how it goes... Oh and my Dr. jsut said that the paxil just didnt seem to be a good med for me... go figure?? I dont know exactly what that meant...lol :)