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Hey there,

Well I hope your husband is getting better. Well first of all i think the doctor just prescribed some penicillin to see if he maybe had an infection in which case the penicillin would have killed the bacteria and caused the node to go down. Sometime doctors do this first to rule out infection before further tests are performed.

It is a good sign that you said the lump does not appear to be getting any bigger. I am not sure how sweating really fits in with lymphoma. I know that drenching night sweats are a worrying symptom but i dont know about just generalized sweating during the day.

Some symptoms like tiredness and fever could be indicative of lymphoma or a million other things!! Chances are if you have some sort of problem lymphoma or otherwise that is causing your lymph nodes to swell then your body will most likely produce a fever and some tiredness. It is just a matter of finding out why these nodes are swelling.

When you see a specialist i would highly recommend getting a biopsy done NOW. I think unless the doctor really doesnt think you need one i would get one anyway. Not to scare you or anything, but a biopsy is a good idea. This will allow you to get peace of mind if it comes back negative and even if it does come back positive for lymphoma it has only been a month, so you could catch this very early.

I thought of one thing when i was reading your description as well. I am pretty sure that a salivary gland called the parotid gland is situated under your ear and along your jaw. This is kind of a stab in the dark, but check on the internet for a diagram of where it is located and see if it is close to where your husband is swollen. I imagine your doctor would have noticed this, but you can check anyway.

Hope everything turns out for the best, and let us know how your husband is doing.