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Did the doctors culture the bacteria from the infection? There are several different types of bacteria that can cause ear infections. My daughter had several BAD ear infections and like your son would run a HIGH fever. We found her infections were caused by the pneumococcal bacteria so we were able to give her a pneumovax(immunization) and this helped her tremendously. However if the bacteris is something else that there isn't currently a vaccination for.....tubes would probably be an option IF THEY CONTINUE TO RECUR. My daughter had an infection that didn't respond to three rounds of antibiotics so they actually had to cut her ear drum and suction the infection out(I believe it is called a myringotomy??) and as for the reactioc to penicillin.......I have taken penicillin all my life and just this past year I had a sever allergic reaction to it....I guess you can develop allergies at anytime......
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My 15 month old was just in the hospital last week with a fever of 105! It turned out he had a bad ear infection in both ears. This kind of scares me. Is there way's to prevent these from happening? He was so ill. I was lucky it was my son's dr. working in the ER that night. She was a big help, we was really upset and screaming. Not only this but about four days after the hospital he got a really bad rash on his body so I brought him to the walk in clinic turns out he had an allergic reaction to the penicillan,,,I don't think I spelt that right but O well,,,,lol. So they gave him something else and he's been good now for the past week. The weird thing is he had penicillan when he was about 8 months old and he was fine now he's allergic? Could he grow out of this and any advice on how to help stop ear infections from happening would be great,,, He had one a long time ago and he was fine no fever but this past week scared me so bad he was so ill and I don't want to go through it again, Well I don't want HIM to go through it again I should say. Thanks

As someone else said, if they tend to recur, ear tubes would be a possibility. But other than that, kids will get sick with colds, flu, ear infections, and so on.

As for the penicillin reaction, it's possible that the first time he took it, he was sensitized to it, but then the second round, he developed an allergy. That's usually how allergic reactions work.
My son had ear infections constantly starting at about 4 months. We had been in the ER, he'd had penicillin shots, everything and they always came back, sometimes within a couple of days. At 17 months my son was not yet walking or talking because one ear was always closed. They put tubes in at 17 months and believe it or not within one week he was walking and began talking. Now he is 4 1/2, both tubes have fallen out and no more ear infections, knock on wood. I have a 7 month old daughter that has never had one. The doctor told us if a baby gets their first ear infection after their first year they usually are not reoccuring but I don't know how true that is.