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I had my discogram last monday. My reaction & experience was very similar
in that it hurt & that I was stiff & sore afterwards...but one thing to keep in mind...
I'm allergic to penicillin, so they put vancomycin antibiotics in my IV. I immediately
got a rash, and felt overheated. I started to stratch my scalp & it felt like my fingernails
turned into razorblades. The doctor noted that I looked "very flushed". They immediately
removed my Iv & replaced it with a clean on and ran some saline fluids through me.

This made me feel very anxious before they even started the actual discogram.
Pay attention to how you feel after they start you on your antibiotics.

I did a search on "Vancomycin Side Efffects" and it resulted in many "hits"
I guess it's a common reaction if you're given too much antibiotics-too fast.