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His tonsil are large all the time the almost touch when not infected....This has been like this for over a year now....When his tonsils are infected like this time they were so large i couldn't see the back of his throat, they were touching....My original doctor that i have been taking him to would never look at his throat, he always told me that in time they will shrink....I took him to a specialist[ear and throat doctor] he said that his tonsils looked scarred from prevouis infections....Then i would never now because my sons doctor would never look at him....Now i take him to my doctor who has looked at his throat[only because i couldn't get him into the specialist for that week]....He said that he has mucas sacs in the back of his throat so they gave him some kind of penicillin....As for strep throat know one has ever checked for that.....Thank you for the advice....