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about 18 months ago i noticed a lump on the back of my neck on the hairline i left it alone and forgot about it then about 6 weeks ago i noticed anothe swollen node about 1 inch above my collarbone i got worried and went to my doctor who told me that they were swollen lymph nodes but he didnt think they were cancerous as he felt them, but he said it could be due to a scalp infection but i havent had any infection not to my knowledge anyway. 2 weeks ago i noticed another node above my second one now im getting really concerned, i have not had any of the symptons of lymphomas no itching or night sweats nothing other than some infected hair follicles which i saw my doctor about at the same time which were on my shoulders and he thinks its all connected to an infection but im not sure as i read that alot of doctors just use this as an easy explanation and give u penicillin which he did and it did nothing. Anyway are these first signs or is there a simple answer, i hope anyway.