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Hey Guy's :wave: ,
This has been the strangest day, PM had her Nurse call me today and said they had some bad news. I thought something happened to the Doc!
But instead she told me that they all had a discusion about me and told me they decided I am NEVER to return to thier office again!
I asked why, What happened?
She said I had gotten a prescription from the dentist and had it filled, I said, Yes, and I told you about that when I had my appt last week. Then I was told that I was given pain meds while in the hospital. I said, yes, I gave you a 30 day notice that I had to have surgery and you asked me to come in 30 days after the surgery to check in and I did!
She then said: After you came out of surgery you were given pain meds while in the Hospital? ya, AND???
WELL, WE JUST NOTICED IT WASN"T YOUR SURGEON WHO ORDERED THE PAIN MEDS WHILE YOU WERE IN THE HOSPITAL!! I told her I had no idea what she was talking about and after the surgery I was given pain meds and then a script to bring home, on my release.
But she said it wasn't the surgeon who released me and wanted to know who the doctor was who released me and wrote the script?
I just flat told her I have no idea what I was on when I was in the hospital and don't even recall the trip home that day, I didn't know who released me, but I know my surgeon gave the ok, and the nurse took care of my release papers.
Since there are 5 Specialists in my doctors office, why didn't one of them do the releasing and write the script? I HAVE NO IDEA! How would I know something like that?
I told her maybe they should call the one who released me and ask him these questions.
Thats, when I was told they all decided for me to never return. I should of known who everyone was during and after the surgery, and I didn't. (pm never goes to the hospital).
And since I had a Dentist appt and didn't tell her (I DID!) (root canal & crown), then I must be a drug seeker.
I told them that was crazy!
But then I was asked about my Phsyciatrist I have had for 12-13 years for my panic disorder (which she knew about and has a record of every med he has me on) and said I was taking 5-1mg Xanax a day from him (I've only seen this PM for 6-7 months).
She knew of all this, she is the one I told you about, when I mentioned to her of the 25 yr old family freind who died of a massive heart attack and 9 strokes and left 2 babies behind, I asked her a question about how dangerous are these pain meds? and that afternoon she called me at home then and told me I need to see a shrink since it upset me!!
At that time, I called my SHRINK and told him what she said, he said: Terri if you DIDN'T get upset about April dying like that, I would be worried.
They all think she is a joke. I don't like her anyway and wanted out. But is she trying to label me as a Drug Seeker? If so, then what can I do about it?
I was never told I couldn't go to the dentist, she even got upset over penicillin and I told her about that immediatly also!
She is also the one who refused to see me and kept sending a nurse or Asst in the room instead and she didn't see me for 5 months.
Am I crazy? or is this PM acting really weird?
Hubby goes there too and he has an abcessed tooth and filled a script for Lortab and something else, but she never says anything to him.
Thanks, Stardust