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Thank you as usual, Mrs. B. She doesn't normally like choc milk but we tried
anyway. Didn't tell her the med was in there (this time it was an antibiotic) and she gagged. Poor baby. I want to cry everytime I give it to her. I went back to the Glycolax for the constipation. She can get that down in a glass of juice. But this antibiotic is rough. The doctor called today and said that they are running out of antibiotics to use. She is allergic to Sulfa and has built up an immunity to penicillin. It breaks my heart to make her take this stuff. I have even broken my own "rules" and tried bribing her. And, tonight, for the first time in all of this, she asked me, "Why are they doing this to me?"
It about cut my heart in two. Anyway, sorry to unload on you. I just don't know how we can make it for 9 more doses. Wish us luck, okay? Talk to
you soon and hope all is improving in your house. MsTwiddle