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Hi All,

Firstly wanted to say hello to everybody on this board, I have read many back topics with great interest.

I'm 29M and am in London with a rather dodgy back, in February I got thrown and landed very badly. Since then my back has got worse, I've tried osteopaths, physiotherapists and accupuncture.

I recently went to the doctor and had a MRI scan that shows a lump the size of a bus parked over my nerves between L4 & L5 - isn't that a bus route??. This apparently accounts for my right leg going numb after walking and the rather unpleasant new pain shooting into my left thigh.

I have therefore been booked into my local UK NHS hospital where my disk will be removed (?) in February 06, whilst there for my short stay I will be offered the opportunity to catch a plethora of flesh eating and generally dehabilitating penicillin resistant nasties!

Worrying aside, I suppose my real question has to be what am I going to do during the 4-6 weeks that I am supposed to spend laying in bed at home after surgery?